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I have released a number of albums and EPs on various record labels.  I have also released two independent CDs on my own label.  That means the royalties come straight to me. You can buy them (or just sample them) here.

Penny Flanagan and the New Moon: Bravado

Penny Flanagan: Light Sleeper

Penny Flanagan: Seven Flights Up

They are also available here, on itunes.

Penny Flanagan on itunes 

(CD Baby gives me a better royalty rate so if you're going to buy, buy them via the CD Baby link.)

I was also in a folky acoustic girly pop duo called Club Hoy in the early '90s.  The other songwriter was Julia Richardson. If you like female harmonies, I recommend you check out our first and only album. We were very young, but the album has a certain fresh-faced charm to it.  

You can download the album here: 

Club Hoy: Thursday

You can also check out the Club Hoy Facebook page for updates on our 2013 reunion gig and some old tracks that we have recently put on soundcloud.


  1. Any plans for another album? I search the internet regularly and longingly to see if you're touring or recording or doing something in music!

    1. There are no immediate plans, but I am currently ruminating on some sort of musical interlude...

  2. I would love to see you sing live again.

  3. What do you recommend for for those who have your ENTIRE published works?

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    2. This is a very open ended question. My first instinct is to say 'thanks for purchasing' and then recommend you buy them all again for someone else. But that's just pushy. My other instinct is to suggest you try buying some Patty Griffin CDs. She's terrific and I would highly recommend her albums "Children Running Through..." and "Impossible Dream."